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Do you have an upcoming renovation or drainage project? Have you considered using Hydrowick? Its non-disruptive installation and close spacing make it the ideal choice for any application including greens, fairways, sports fields or residential applications. No project is too large or too small. Call Atlantic Drainage Solutions today for a project estimate or assistance with your long range planning needs.

Professional Installation

Drainage improvements are no longer just a Summer project. Hydrowick free flow drainage along with capillary suction to remove excess moisture above 20%. Install anywhere poor drainage is a problem. Golf Courses, Sports Fields, Equine Surfaces, New Construction, or Renovations...the possibilities are endless! Its highly effective, non disruptive and fast installation process means troublesome drainage areas can be tackled year round.

Get Back in Play

Consider Atlantic Drainage Solutions for your upcoming golf course renovation or re-grassing.

What are our clients saying?

It's your turf. We love sharing the feedback of our customers!

We installed 1800 linear feet of Hydrowick in September 2018 on #18 fairway at Old Palm Golf Club.  This particular area always retained water because of heavy soil conditions. We saw the area improve almost immediately.  The area became less anerobic
and played much firmer.  I was impressed with the quick and non disruptive process.  I would definitely recommend this process to anybody looking to improve a drainage problem.

Danny Sapp

Superintendent, Old Palm Golf Club

It’s always fun to be progressive in the golf industry and even better when the product proves itself. We had 5″ of rain two days before grand opening and Hydrowick was the difference between allowing cart traffic instead of asking our members to walk the newly renovated course.

Jason Schoonover

Superintendent, Windsor

After installation all that was needed to open the greens and fairway to play was a heavy rolling and light topdressing, we couldn’t be happier with the process and the results!

Jason Bradley

Superintendent, Memphis Country Club

We drain courses, not your wallet.